Star Wars Battlefront 2 Celebration Edition is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Years ago on another website, I reviewed Star Wars Battlefront 2, I gave it an average score based on how it felt a little empty and of course the micro-transaction controversy. Being a massive fan of Star Wars games over the movies it wasn’t the best game in EA’s library. I can officially confirm that that is no longer the case at all. EA and DICE since release have been hard at work focusing on listening to fan feedback, adding a more wholesome experience and giving the game the passion it deserved. Star Wars Battlefront 2 lives up to every expectation and more now with a ton of free updates since launch adding more units, more customisation, more maps, movie-themed content, lore themed content, new game-modes, re-worked systems and more. When I go onto Twitter and I see the updates I am thoroughly impressed with the dedication that has gone into making it right. It’s virtually a brand new game now with so much heart that I love going back to it, it’s one of the games I keep reinstalling constantly after small breaks, the fun never ends. EA has released the Celebration Edition as-well recently that unlocks all customisation items from the start and to say there’s a lot is an understatement.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is an experience that is always kept fresh with influx of content updates, the most recent update today 20th December 2019 is the Rise of the Skywalker content update which adds a new map, new co-op game, new First Order troopers from the film and later two new heroes and the overall best game-mode they ever brought to the game, capital supremacy. Out of all the new game modes it has to be the one that truly recreates the epic battles from the movies. Similar to Battlefield each player must capture the point for their team, once enough points are accumulated you then go to the enemies ship to take it out and ultimately destroy and crush them. These matches can be chaos and truly create some stunning moments to tell your friends about and make good videos. Another highlight is the co-op mode, you and four players must take on objectives and fight AI-controlled enemies that increase in difficulty the more you progress, this mode promotes teamwork and lets you go to town with the games newest special editions. The older game modes also keep getting updates and the map orders get thrown around to keep things fresh and exciting. Star Wars Battlefront 2 gives you the choice to do what you wanted to do in the movies, from epic 24 player space battles with different objectives and flying through debris of the Death Star or the stormy Planet of Kamino to Heroes vs Villains where you can play as your favourite character from the movies and duel till your hearts content, Star Wars Battlefront 2 has it all.

Graphically the game still looks stunning and each customisation option and each map added look stunningly beautiful and stay true to the original Star Wars design. What’s good graphical design without near-perfect audio design for all of the weapons, the war screams, the explosions and of course incredible John Williams orchestrated sound-track. The only downside I can say is the voice-acting while it’s okay, it’s not quite as close to the movie voice actors but really it’s believable and not that bad at all.

Long Verdict

As mentioned before, Star Wars Battlefront under EA had a rough start, sadly people were disappointing but fans like myself stuck with it. The amazing people at DICE who you can tell from the game in its current state are super passionate about creating one of the greatest Star Wars games out there even if there are a few bumps here and there. Recently EA with the Star Wars license has started to realise what the people wanted and I truly believe if EA can keep this up and have such dedicated people on the teams making the games that we will get to experience some of the best Star Wars games ever created with today’s tech. While Star Wars Battlefront 2 isn’t my greatest of all time, it certainly is in the top 10, there is an unbelievable amount of choice and fan service, it’s a game I truly hope keeps surviving on and pushing the boundaries and maybe even lead onto a 3rd game. If you haven’t tried the game yet and you were on the fence, now is the time to jump aboard.


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