Planet Zoo and the Arctic DLC is available on PC on Steam now for £7.99 and the main game is currently on sale until January 2nd.

Planet Zoo Arctic DLC adds four new species of animals Polar Bear, Arctic Wolf, Dall Sheep and Reindeer. It also adds two new scenarios to take on, Mexico where you must keep the zoo’s arctic animals comfortable during the heatwave and Norway where you must introduce arctic animals into your remote zoo and keep them happy. Players that enjoy creating will also rejoice at the fact that there are 200 new pieces added to fit in with the arctic theme.

The arctic pack adds more animals that are a welcome addition to the already decent list of animals. I enjoyed making a Christmas theme zoo just before Christmas and my highlight has to be the Polar Bears and Reindeer, it added to the feel of the pack. The scenarios are enjoyable and challenging and it’s good to see a pack a hefty amount of content within it. Though trying to keep a hot climate cool for my arctic animals was tough but very rewarding. Graphically the animals look fantastic as I said in the main games review, Frontier still haven’t stopped putting quality and life-like animations into the selection of animals.


Overall the Arctic DLC is worth it if you want to expand your zoo’s animal collection and play some new and challenging maps. The only concern I have is that if there are a ton of £8 packs released it might get quite expensive, I feel maybe the approach that Zoo Tycoon took with giant expansions being released every so often for between £20 and £30 with new gameplay mechanics and a whole host of animals, it might be a bit more pleasing to the fans and rewarding for Frontier. I would love to see a giant marine DLC or birds of prey, the pack theme ideas are endless.


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