The leading free-to-play multiplayer online mobile game on iOS and Android MapleStory M is adding a new character to the roster, Luminous, a master magician who is the last of the five heroes. Luminous was the only one left standing after a face off with the Black Mage. In celebration of the wizard, there will be an event with valuable in-game items, level-bonuses and gift box rewards.

Accompanying the addition of the new hero, three events round out the hero’s introduction: 

  • Hero Luminous Growth Event: Through January 13, players who reach a certain level, will receive additional in-game items to help their character’s level-up. 
  • 1+2 Burning Event: Maplers who participate from now until January 13, can progress two additional levels for every level-up within a certain level range.
  • Special Log-In Event: This event will reward players with a special gift box that helps their Luminous character level up until January 6. 

MapleStory M is also delivering an overflowing amount of festive events to players this holiday season: 

  • Happy Holiday Treasure Box – Through December 30, players can obtain winter treasure box keys from monsters in normal fields, Star Force Fields, and mini dungeons. These keys can be used to unlock the winter treasure box with various in game rewards such as holiday coins, which can be redeemed in the Holiday Event Coin Shop. 
  • Happy Holiday 7-Days Attendance Sheet Event – Mapler who log in 7-days between December 19 until the 25th will receive special rewards, which can help the Starforce reinforcement, give them a character decoration item or a EXP boost up item. 
  • Happy Holiday Event – Starting today, players can earn rewards, EXP and the illustrious Holiday Coin by playing Growing the Snowflake for 60 minutes and communing in New Year Square to ring in 2020.  

If you’re interested in playing MapleStory M you can find it on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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