WalkOVR is a wearable motion capture system that will let users with a VR system will let you physically move in open VR environments and games. The VR that will be compatible with this are, The VIVE, RIFT, MR, PIMAX, GEAR VR, GO and the PSVR w/ cronus max. WalkOVR lets you experience VR in an entirely new way by letting you move around in games that feature locomotion. You don’t need a treadmill or any contraptions just the WalkOVR to get moving forward. A video features below:

Another video below features gameplay that demonstrates WalkOVR with the video game The Forest:

The features of WalkOVR are listed below:

If you want to find out more you can view the Kickstarter HERE. If you like what you see perhaps you can donate to the project.

VR in gaming has pushed the bench mark time and time again and now we have companies trying to make it feel like we can get even more immersed in these worlds that we can enter. WalkOVR seems like quite the piece of kit to really get you right into the action.

What do you think about WalkOVR?

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