Remedy Games 9 years ago launched the incredible Alan Wake on the Xbox 360 and later PC. An action, adventure, horror game with an extremely strong story.

Alan Wake, a successful writer struck with writers block sets off on a get-away set up by his girlfriend to gain back his inspiration and creativity. A simple trip ends up going terribly wrong. Alan’s wife Alice goes missing, the darkness has taken her and Alan and his agent Barry have to try and find her. The story felt a bit like a Stephen King novel or a Twilight Zone episode and had pointers to the old TV series though-out. I don’t want to go into the story to much just in-case you haven’t played it. If you haven’t played it I can’t recommend it enough.

Alan Wake is structured in an episodic TV series styled way where each chapter ends like an episode with a what will happen next week kind of thing. Each chapter would unleash unbelievable plot twists and strong story moments making the game both thrilling and gripping. I must have completed it 4 times and the DLC made it even better but it felt like we were getting an Alan Wake 2 after the brilliant ending but we didn’t. Alan Wakes American Nightmare launched later which was a sort of mini-sequel but not Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 seemed to be in development at one stage but sadly we never received a fully fledged sequel. The only one thing I want to say to Remedy Games is that it’s not to late to give us more Alan Wake and I’d instantly buy it Day One if you did.

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