Eight years ago developer BLUE BOTTLE GAMES began work on NEO Scavenger, a game that received many ports, updates and more throughout its 5 years of support. The developer Fernando Rizo has now decided that it’s time for a new title.

Ostranauts once started off as a space prototype but has now evolved into a fully detailed simulation of owning and living aboard a spaceship where making an honest living is just a slow death. Below is a quotation from the developer describing what Ostranauts is:

“Ostranauts is a detailed simulation of owning and living aboard a spaceship, in a solar system where honest living is a slow death sentence. Set in the NEO Scavenger universe, where Earth has suffered cataclysmic collapse, the rest of the System lives on in a state of capitalistic dystopia.

Players will create their captain, build or customize their starting ship from the spoils of their career history, and find ways to keep their motley crew in line, fuel in their tanks, food on their plates, and the debt collectors at bay.”

You can view a teaser trailer below:

The official Steam page can be found HERE. The title is expected to be released in late 2019.

Personally, the concept of the game sounds really interesting and engaging, the trailer also looks promising as well. What is your opinion on the upcoming title?

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