34BigThings are proud to announce that Mars or Die is now available on the Nintendo Switch in Europe and will be released in the US on January 18th 2019. A statement from the company features below:

“We are extremely satisfied with the state of this game, as well as having the possibility to port it on Switch,”  says Valerio Di Donato, CEO of 34BigThings. “After the game’s troubling launch, we updated it with a whole lot of features designed to make the game better in any way. We added plenty of content, an entire new campaign mode, streamlined the progression of the game, added a lot of depth in the game mechanics. Now we are satisfied with the state of Mars or Die!, and we hope to make the game’s player base grow on other platforms than PC”.

The Switch is an ideal platform for Mars or Die!” continues Giuseppe Enrico Franchi, Game Designer. “The quick action of the game, coupled with the humorous tone, really feels at home along with the plethora of great games which follow the same vibe and tone”.

A launch trailer has also been released and you can check it out below:

2 thoughts on “Mars or Die Available On The Nintendo Switch Now

  1. Mars or Die! is like the Switch version of the real-time strategy video game called Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends but with a bit of Minion vibe on it. After two years with Redout, 34Big Things finally tries its luck on smaller games. For a brilliant game developer of triple A indie games, I’m still looking forward for more of its big projects.

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