As if the first “line” of Soulja Boys consoles didn’t cause enough controversy, he’s back at it again with a new portable console that looks a lot like a PS Vita.

There are many reasons that his venture into the gaming industry has been a failure. The designs aren’t original, he isn’t contracting a company to create something unique, he is simply buying these consoles in bulk and selling them on. He sells the currently “Sold Out” console above for $99 down from $200, but if you check out this link you’ll see that they’re only around $30 to $40. Even after being called out on this he then claimed a few weeks ago that he’s sold over 5 million units since his venture. What makes me doubt this is that it took months for some of the flagship consoles to reach those figures. You’d think after the first time he launched these consoles with Nintendo lawyers breathing down his neck he’d learn. It seems that he hasn’t learnt from his mistakes and decided to carry on without a thought for the legal ramifications. If that wasn’t bad enough when I first checked his website out, he claimed his consoles would play Super Smash Brothers Unlimited, Fortnite and other big titles that the console just can’t handle. It has been reported that the console can barely handle the NES, SNES and SEGA roms. These are promises that were never met.

Wanting to enter a new career, trying something new, there is nothing wrong with it at all. When he said he wanted to get into the industry, I thought that’s fair enough, but to rip people off, to copy other peoples video games with no permission, to lie constantly is just not the right way to go about it. Soulja Boy, if he was deadly serious, could have easily partnered with a developer, got involved with small projects and worked from the bottom to the top like everyone else that wants to get involved in the industry. If the reports are correct and Soulja Boy wants to start an E-Sports company with his line of consoles, how will it be possible? The games don’t have online capabilities. In the end, companies are going to hit back and they’re going to hit back hard. He really needs to think about what he is doing before it escalates. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

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