YIIIK: A Post Modern RPG is now available for $19.99(USD) on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and MAC, and later a PS Vita version will be released.

Spring 99, a simpler time, the internet making a large appearance into peoples homes and much more. Alex has returned home from college as a graduate and what seems like a normal day soon takes a wild turn. After the mundane task of ordering groceries a cat steals the list, as Alex tries to get it back a strange adventure is triggered and Alex will come across such things as women vanishing from elevators, beings made of light, and enemies ranging from from smiley faces on springs to giant pandas armed to the teeth. How much weirder will this adventure get?

YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG is has dungeons full of puzzles, traps, and much more. A trailer features below:

YIIK is an eclectic mix of ideas and crazy audiovisual stimulation inspired by a time when the internet was new and people were only just learning about the strangeness of the world around them,” said Andrew Allanson, founder and co-director, Ackk Studios. “Today it’s easy to find details on just about anything, but back in 1999, the internet offered up more questions than answers. YIIKexplores the what-could-be that existed before Snopes.”

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