Hyper Scape open beta was unveiled at last nights UbiForward event and players have been able to download it from today on the UPlay store on PC for free. I’ve played it through-out today and thought I’d note down early impressions of the brand new battle-royale title. At the bottom of our page is a video of the early impressions.

The battle-royale genre keeps on growing with no sign of stopping, with big behemoths like PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone and many more. Ubisoft has now entered the competition with Hyper Scape. Hyper Scape’s an over the top action shooter in a World destroyed by corporations, humans and corruption. People use virtual reality, kind of like Ready Player One to escape the Planets woes and battle it out online for entertainment. Hyper Scape offers some really fun mechanics like players being able to use hacks which are abilities to get the upper hand, some are offensive abilities like shock-wave which sends out a high damage shock-wave to get you out of sticky situations, defensive like turning into a ball to get away quick or traverse the map in quite a hilarious way and passive abilities like armour and healing. The abilities change the play style up, I enjoyed using the ball to get myself out of the way or to gravitate towards players by bouncing along the streets, it was quite hilarious. Players can have two abilities so finding the two in buildings or landmarks that best suit you is vital to gaining a victory. Weapon variety is a little sparse right now, there are your heavy weapons ranging from a mini-gun to an energy weapon, shotgun, pistol, assault rifle, SMG but each feels different enough to provide variety but the SMG seems quite overpowered at the moment, the mini-gun barely took health off an opponent I was fighting but an SMG stealthfully crept up behind me and blam! Dead straight away. I imagine being so early in open-beta things will keep changing.

Hyper Scape to me has its positives and negatives, the creativity is fantastic and the lore behind the battles is deep and interesting rather than just, battle it out. Traversing the maps is a lot of fun, sliding around, jumping across the maps using parkour and jump pads never gets old, events will be activated by an audience in the game to keep making each game wildly different from low gravity, reveal all players and tons more the design of the map is beautiful, each district looks different with many detailed landmarks and streets I truly fell in love with the map straight away. With positives always come negatives, at the moment I lag in every match, it’s a little off-putting but I’m putting that down to early open-beta and crowds of people all trying it at the same time. In video games sadly bullet sponge mechanics put me off, at times it takes way too long to take a person down and it is a little off-putting to me, it’s why I never really fall in love with games like The Division or Borderlands. The combat though is very responsive and smooth.

Will Hyper Scape reach the levels of other battle royales? Possibly, I like it, it feels different enough to stand out, I hope the more time that passes we’ll see more down the line, interesting additions, more weapons, hacks and obviously a console release. I see a lot of potential, I hope it doesn’t become over-saturated with micro-transactions down the line so that you feel inferior to other people that can spend more money and that it provides a fair play for everyone. I feel that the customisation could get really interesting as we go because of the futuristic cartoony feel of the game so that’s something to keep an eye out on. I’ll keep on playing as it grows and provide a full review once it releases.

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