The Pokemon Presents Event just finished and they announced a few new projects, some will be exciting for a lot of people, some, well at least parents might be able to get there children to brush there teeth… So let’s start off with:

Pokemon Smile – To put it simply, this is a free mobile app available now on iOS and Android devices to help make your kids teeth cleaning fun.

The next game was Pokemon Cafe-Mix a game in which you must run a Pokemon cafe that features puzzles, management and more. It will be released for free soon on the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

The biggest reveal has to be a new Pokemon Snap game. Fans have demanded a new Pokemon snap for years. The original was released years ago on the Nintendo 64 and later re-released for the Wii-U. Pokemon Snaps sequels takes us to new locations and shows us new Pokemon to take pictures of.

The last couple announcements were nothing major but Pokemon GO will receive Mega Evolutions while Niantic still provide ways of playing the app safely from home. In Pokemon Sword and Shield you’ll now have a chance at catching new Pokemon in special events. There we have it, more will be announced next week with a new special project being teased at the end of the video. What could it be, a Sinnoh remake? We hope so!

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