Planet Zoo South American DLC is developed by Frontier and is available now on PC via Steam.

Planet Zoo South American DLC adds 5 new animals, 250 creative South American themed objects, themes, foliage and much more. The new animals include Jaguars, Llamas (my favourite) red-eyed tree frogs, Anteaters and Capuchin monkeys. Each of the animals is fleshed out with new looks, animations, behaviours and more. The additions are very welcome ones especially Llama’s because I felt like a Zoo dominated by Llamas would be a great idea.

The creative items are a very welcome addition. I filled up my new franchise zoo with DLC animals and I noticed that I had put them all in a circular formation, so I figured why not paint the scene with the themes that Planet Zoo has so it became my South American area and the number of new items you get lets you go all out on making it your own. If you go on to the Steam Workshop as-well you’ll find tons of different creations already from people that are using the DLC to make South American themed zoo’s and it’s a joy to see.

While this time there isn’t any career additions by request of the community there is enough new content to get creative in the sandbox mode for a more chilled experience or you can hop into the franchise mode to try and create a successful line of zoos. I personally play franchise a lot more than anything else and the new Jaguar had guests flocking into my zoo, sadly though I jumped the gun a bit and the food costs were not being met because I wasn’t making enough of a profit.


Overall the South American DLC was a welcomed addition and had more animals in it this time than the arctic DLC did. I hope in the future we see more animals get added like this but I also hope for Zoo Tycoon like expansions that add a whole host of brand new features, career modes, a ton of animals, habitats, exhibits and more.


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