Take a look at this nostalgic fuelled news from Old School RuneScape. The Swamps of Morytania in Old RuneScape will grow darker with the introduction of a new group boss named the Nightmare of Ashihama. This boss will let players experience brand new never before seen combat mechanics and encourages player to work together to put an end to the nightmare. The trailer features below:

A statement from Rob Hendry, Executive Producer of Old School RuneScape features below:

“The Nightmare of Ashihama is Old School RuneScape’s first true group boss that enables up to 80 players to band together to deliver the ultimate takedown. Through the introduction of all-new combat mechanics, the Nightmare brings something completely different to our other Player vs Monster (PvM) content.

“As with all new content introductions in Old School, nothing gets released unless we have the backing of the community. Late last year we put the Nightmare to a player poll, and it passed with flying colours attracting more than 45,000 votes with 90% approving its addition. Empowering our community to have a say in the game’s content, through polls such as this, is hugely important to us as a development team and we can’t wait for players to team up and tackle the Nightmare today.” 

If you want to get involved in Old School RuneScape you can do so HERE.

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