I don’t often like commenting on the negative side of things in the gaming industry but sometimes I get an opinion and I just want to put it on the site and see what others think as-well.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is the next much anticipated Animal Crossing game and everyone is excited about it. The new game features are listed below:

  • Start from scratch on a fresh new island.
  • Crafting features heavily in the sequel.
  • Pop up on screen maps for navigation.
  • Furniture can be placed outside.
  • Earn Nook Miles with your Nook-Phone in-game which lets you manage your day to day activities and recipes.
  • It also features accurate Southern Hemisphere seasons.
  • 4 player same-console co-op and 8 players online.

These are just a few of the features from the game but one feature has driven me to rant about it.

You can only have one island per Nintendo Switch Console.

Why Nintendo, WHY!? In this day and age of consoles and the large amount of storage they have and ability to have multiple profiles on a system did they decide ONE ISLAND PER CONSOLE for Animal Crossing New Horizons. I’ve seen the defence “well that’s how the past games did it”, and I think that it’s a terrible system. Here is the scenario I thought of when I first heard about it. A parent buys the game as they’re a fan of the series and their younger child wants a go, the younger child doesn’t quite know what to do and the island that the adult spent weeks on gets destroyed or deleted. You buy the game for one of your children, the other sibling wants a go, all the work of the first child gets destroyed, taken over or deleted. The only way to have other saves is to go out and buy a brand new Nintendo Switch for around £200. I think that whatever defence they come up with whether there is time cheats, money glitching, who cares about that honestly, it’s not even a competitive title, it’s more of a solo experience your friends can join in on. In this day and age, we should not be limited to one save slot per profile let alone one save slot per console. It almost feels like a ploy to sell more consoles which is truly quite sad. There will be complaints about this, there will be outrage. I know Nintendo won’t listen to the likes of me but I feel that this might truly stop some people from buying the game which is a shame because it looks amazing. I’ve pre-ordered this game, my daughter is a mad Animal Crossing fanatic and I myself would like to get into the series as I’ve watched her play previous titles but I wouldn’t want to destroy any progress she makes on the one island we get. This needs sorting out, it shouldn’t be an issue in 2020, I understood to a point the one save per slots on handheld consoles as it would save on the cartridge but not today.

What is your opinion on this move by Nintendo, I’d love to know.

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