The Sims 4 Tiny Living developed by Maxis and published by EA is available to download on PC and later on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The Sims 4 Tiny Living is a Stuff Pack for those who either can only afford the small life or players that like to try and live in the tiniest and convenient places. For those who want to experience the pack first hand, there is a small lot available to you that really shows what you’re capable of building with the pack. I decided to create a new sim called Dana Sharp, a budding actress that could only afford to live in the little shack. I thought it was quite a nice build, very cosy and the new items like the bed that can be put into a sofa or the tiny little dining table you can fit into the extremely tiny kitchen (reminds me of my own). Other items include small little lamps, bathroom items to save space, little tiny desks, hampers, mirrors, tiny cupboards and much more. The total number of items included are 34. You’ll also get access to a few new clothing items and sim hairstyles. I enjoy working in this house, everything is just conveniently there and it then leaves loads more build room for other additions or just a really nicely done garden.

As her acting career built the more I could upgrade with more tiny stuff, though she kept being miserable about microwave food so as you can see in the screenshot above, I had to improvise. The bed had to be my favourite but the only problem is that Dana kept on breaking it every-time she used it, at least in the end she had a really good handy skill.

There’s something about living in the little spaces which I find quite enjoyable, the rooms feel more lived in and the clutter makes it feel real. For a Stuff Pack, I feel that Tiny Living adds a new dimension to play, at long last tiny houses don’t need to be overly managed to fit in the basic needs of your sim. I definitely recommend it if you’re into upgrading your sims experience.

Verdict on The Sims 4 as a whole.

If you enjoy The Sims content I shall be coming back and reviewing the game as a whole and its expansions. I don’t own that many stuff packs or game-packs but the expansions from my experience are fantastic and it feels like it really brought The Sims 4 into its own. I felt like originally The Sims 4 got off to quite a rough start with stuff missing and some good game-play features missing. Years later though I feel that it really transformed into its own unique thing and I truly do enjoy all the adventures and what-not my sims get up to, I feel like, in this one, the sims truly do feel alive and have there own quirky personalities. My villain Victor Vonevil is quite the ass hat let me tell you, he’s made an enemy of most sims in the game but somehow someone has fallen in love with him. The Sims 4 really felt like the sims game to tell some truly great stories. The score of The Sims 4 Tiny Living features below:


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