Wired Productions and LKA are proud to announce that the anticipated Nintendo Switch version of The Town of Light will be released February 7th for just £7.99. 10% of all proceeds in 2020 will go the the video games charity, Safe In Our World. A trailer features below:

Players will take the role of 16 year old Renee who suffers from symptoms of mental illness. Stuck in an asylum for most of her young life she will piece together her past which is sadly quite a dark one. The game is based on real facts and has been researched extensively by the development team to bring the truly horrifying ways people dealt with mental illness in the past. Features are listed below:


  • Experience the world through the eyes of Renée, a 16 year old girl suffering with mental illness as she tries to reconstruct her past.
  • Explore the ruins of the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum and travel back in time to glimpse the lives of those it held, painstakingly reconstructed from historical records.
  • Forge Renée’s path, steer her emotions and rationalize the truth to reveal a unique non-linear storyline.
  • New enhanced version of The Town of Light including new music, story elements, user interface and more.
  • Uncover the pages of Renée’s Diary within the game world as you piece together her story.
  • Original soundtrack composed for The Town of Light.
  • The Town of Light is based on the horrors of the real world and the difficulties of mental illness. Rich and immersive 3D Graphics.

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