SuperEpic The Entertainment War developed by Numskull Games will be available on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch 12th of December 2019.

SuperEpic The Entertainment War took me back to a time where The SEGA Mega Drive had a massive amount of platformers all with unique charms and fun gameplay elements that made me keep going back for more even now. The Metroidvania style 2D platforming is an absolute joy to go back to, especially on the Nintendo Switch, it feels full of retro but also modern aspects to keep it up to date. Like the old games, it just retains the fun that you could have back then with endlessly exploring a world and coming up with new undiscovered weapons, armour and more. The game rewards you for exploring and rewards you for completing it’s QR code puzzles. Yes, there are QR codes inside the game that provide little mini-games on your phones internet browser that aids you in-game with coins to spend on the power-ups and new items. While I thought it was a unique idea, those without a phone or a decent camera may struggle to find the fun in it, my Sony Xperia struggled reading with a few of the codes but none the less it’s a very unique idea that some will love and some won’t.

The theme of the world is in a reality where corporations run the world and release games out of greed rather than pleasing everyone, it’s as if they want World Domination. The story has fun little quirks and fun characters as-well while traversing each level. As you go the challenge then increases more making for quite an experience, my advice is to explore as much as possible, being prepared is always a good thing when you move forward as the enemies and challenge will get tougher.

Like mentioned earlier it takes us back into the retro era of video games by also giving us the 16bit style graphics with enhancements and a soundtrack that blends the old chip-tune with modern instruments. It all aids in that nostalgic feel it creates while getting deep into the experience. I love the enemy design with all the pigs dressed in office clothes were all running around trying to stop you in your path, I thought that it all adds to the personality of the game.


SuperEpic The Entertainment War is a fun game that takes you back to the good old days of gaming but provides some modern twists that will divide players, those who love it will find this game very entertaining while the people that don’t might not enjoy it as much if they miss the QR code feature. SuperEpic is a game that encourages you to always explore, upgrade and push on and in doing so it can be quite enjoyable most of the time. Later in game back-tracking can get a bit tedious but the reward is worth it.


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