After noticing I still had Star Wars The Old Republic on my Origin account from launch I decided to give it a go in 2019. I remember being disappointed that it was nothing like Star Wars Galaxies and after one month I quit the game. I had noticed that it had gone free-to-play but had heard that the system was a bit harsh with its restrictions around 2016, 2017. This time however I had the feeling to play a Star Wars game that gave me a bit of freedom to explore so I downloaded it thinking, let’s give this a go.

The year is 2019, Star Wars The Old Republic is still being updated with expansions and content updates, the player base is still going strong on the servers and the free-to-play restrictions have been loosened up a little bit to make it a much better experience.

Free Experience

The free to play is a lot better now, you’re able to level up to level 50 which also lets you play each of the 8 class stories which are all unique and done in the classic Bioware style of choices and consequences. Each class ranges from two different styles of Jedi and Sith, the others are troopers, smugglers and bounty hunters. Each class has it’s perks and I felt that it had a playstyle that could fit each type of players needs and wants in a Star Wars Universe. While the free to play does have limits like you can’t chat to other players until you’re level 25, after researching most players seem to think it is a way to stop gold sellers and scammers from popping up everywhere, unfortunately, some still got through. There is a credit limit of 1 million credits, any more earned above the limit will be transferred to an escrow account which can be later transferred if you subscribe or want more money after spending your limit. In short, though, you can enjoy the game as much as any other player but there are small limitations to most activities but if you just want to have a solo experience where you can enjoy the story-lines, this is perfect.

Preferred Player

This has less restrictions than free-to-play, to get this status you will have had to have spent money in the past either on the Cartel Market or on a subscription. I earned this status by getting a month sub years ago and honestly, even if you just spent £1.50 on the game you will get this status and get access to a lot more than free to play. You can talk to people with this status and unlock some neat items along the way.


Being subscribed to Star Wars The Old Republic is where all limits are lifted, though I feel like the sub is more for people who want to play every little aspect of the game from PVP to group raids and the expansions. Once your sub you unlock all the expansions and get to keep them even if your sub runs out which I thought was a very good bonus. The level cap with the Onslaught DLC is now level 75 and you can unlock some pretty good stuff from armour, weapons and some Cartel Coins to spend in the Cartel Market after the sub runs out you’ll also get preferred status.

The modes available to you do offer many options in the way you want to play, whether it be the flashpoints with friends or using the matchmaking system, the new space battles system in which you can take your ship into space for some PVP combat, PVP ground wars and heroic missions. Each little option gives you a new refreshing experience so that you don’t get bored when grinding your levels up. I did love also seeing live events happening around the Universe, SWTOR has such a huge amount of Planets to visit now and my favourite event recently was the Tattoine Rahkghoul plague, it was tough but it was nice seeing everyone come together and stop the zombie-like plague, it offered some great story elements and made the world feel truly alive. Another thing I loved was the ability to craft or find some amazing gear and look unique among the masses. My favourite was trying to construct the best saber crystals while also looking like a sith despite being a light side Jedi. The light side and dark side mechanics work on choices you make, you can play as a Jedi in the republic but be a dark player or a light player and as a sith, you can go light side, this does, in turn, affect your story as it goes and I liked that.

Going back to Star Wars The Old Republic 2019 has been a very good experience and a little addictive. Most of the community seem pretty nice and accommodating and are willing to explain the changes and systems and getting the best out of your experience. Each of the story lines are reminiscent of the quality that Bioware were known for and honestly the game despite being an MMORPG can make it as a single-player story driven experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my journey through becoming a Jedi Master and making choices that impacted my personal story, I don’t feel like MMO’s usually give this level of depth when it comes to story-lines.

When it comes to the MMO side I feel that Star Wars The Old Republic is let down by a few factors such as it’s limits and the fact that it really does feel more geared towards a story-driven experience, but it does have modes for those who love the competitive side and also watching to see whether the Republic or Sith Empire is winning the galactic war or not is interesting, I never took part in those battles yet but I do plan on it.


Star Wars The Old Republic is worth getting back into in 2019 if you love Star Wars and love a good story in the Universe. The free-to-play option offers a decent look into the ever-expanding world of Star Wars and lets you play a good chunk of it with a fully customisable class and character of your choosing.

But also take this into consideration

While it is good with the free-to-play and preferred player, if you’re looking for the ultimate MMO experience, one where you can keep levelling and getting the greatest gear, paired up for some of the most epic of raids, you might be disappointed. I felt that the game was very limiting when it came to its multiplayer experiences in that field but even with a sub I feel that SWTOR didn’t manage to quite nail the MMO side. I have subscribed for one month for this article and I feel while it is very good and fun unless you put money into this game, the MMO lover inside might not feel very satisfied with the end result. By any means it is not a bad one at all, it just isn’t at the level of World of Warcraft.

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