As of today players can now play Truck Driver on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the game is also enhanced on the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. The launch trailer features below:

Hit the road in a truck of your choice and build a career to become the most respected in the game. By completing jobs in the game-world locals will trust you more which in turn earns more rewarding jobs. Truck Driver promises to put you in a world full of interesting characters and interesting objectives. Below is a word from Bas de Jonge the Marketing manager at SOEDESCO:

“Being a truck driver involves more than driving from point A to point B. With Truck Driver – as the name implies – the focus is on the driver instead of the truck, including conversations with clients, jobs going different as planned, and maintaining the social aspect of the job”.

Truck Driver also brings in new challenges that real truck drivers face like being sent with the wrong cargo or don’t give clear instructions. These challenges can result in different outcomes but if you manage to work your way around it can become very rewarding.


  • Enjoy a trucking experience focused on your career as a truck driver
  • Build stronger relationships with the local community with each job
  • Customise your truck with tons of parts and tune it to your liking
  • Explore a vast open world and watch it progress with you
  • Navigate through diverse landscapes and interesting locations

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