Planet Zoo’s Beta starts on September 24th 2019 on Steam and will run till the 8th October 2019. To have access to the Beta you must pre-order the Deluxe Edition. You can view the Beta trailer below:

The developers Froniter will also be doing a live AMA. The Game Director Piers Jackson, Lead Programmer Andrew Chappell, Art Director Marc Cox and Lead Community Manager Bo De Vries Wednesday the 18th of September. Their will also be a Beta community challenge that you can take part in HERE.

The Beta’s features are listed below:

  • Scenario 1 of Career Mode (no additional Scenarios as we do not want to spoil the story ahead of launch!)
    This features the first part of the tutorial within the Temperate biome, several objectives, and has free play after the objectives are completed.
  • Franchise Mode
    This features a full economy within the Savannah biome and will not contain any narrative or objectives, so you will start with an empty map and develop your zoo from there.
    The Animal Market will be available (online play only).
    Please note you can only have one Franchise per player, but your Franchise can feature multiple zoos.
  • A host of previously announced animals, as well as some new species to discover!
  • Various Staff types and Buildings;
  • Various Themes and Rides;
  • Research Options and the in-game Zoopedia;
  • Habitat Blueprints;
    We’ve made an upgrade to the blueprints you may know from Planet Coaster! When you select your blueprint, it will now also include any terrain you’ve put around it!
  • And a massive host of enrichment, habitat, building, scenery, and foliage pieces!

The Steam Workshop will also be activated during the Beta.

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