Sony PlayStation has revealed the two free PsPlus games for the 3rd of September 2019 for free to keep if you have a PsPlus account.

Batman Arkham Night – Rocksteady – Take to the streets of Gotham once more but this time things are a lot more sinister. The Scarecrow has taken control of the city by releasing fear toxins and spreading chaos everywhere. Batman must ally up with unlikely characters but also face a mental battle with his arch nemesis The Joker who had previously infected people with his blood. Batman Arkham Knight lets you expore the open world of Gotham not only on foot but you’ll have access to the Bat-mobile through-out which adds many new game-play elements.

Darksiders 3 – Gunfire Games – Players take the roll of Fury during Darksiders 2 and before the majority of Darksiders. Fury must find the seven deadly sins. The gameplay took a more Dark Souls approach this time round which was very action heavy while exploring an apocalyptic Earth.

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