When silence fell is an interactive novel created by Inkborne tails and released on Android and IOS.

When silence fell follows the story of Sophia Von Lindenbronn, set in the 17th Century your link to Sophia exists within the pages of her diary, while reading through the story, you are forced to make decisions which will shape the direction in which the story shifts, Sophia’s fate is in your hands.

The title is basically a interactive novel where you read through Sophia’s diary and make decisions based on her story. Throughout the title some of the choices cover mundane tasks to some thought provoking decisions that leave you contemplating what you have chosen well after your choice is made. The book is set out as you would expect with beautiful elegant handwriting set out in a diary format however you can change the options for easier reading to a bold text. Also included are extras to peruse such as a map which can be clicked on by touching the compass at the corner of the page a tab Called Actors which includes all the characters in Sophia’s Diary, you can touch the different characters which will bring up more information about them and a timeline tab which features a year by year event timeline. A lot of detail has gone into the background of When Silence fell which immerses you more into the story.

The book will auto scroll which depending on how fast you read can be a blessing or a curse, however inkbourne tails have thought of everything and added a handy hourglass which enables the pausing of the text so the reader can peruse the story at their own leisure. The game also features a beautiful enchanting musical accompaniment which includes subtle sound effects such as rainfall or thunder which never distracts you from reading.

All in all when silence fell is a beautiful interactive novel, the story well engaging isn’t for everyone but would suit readers of historical fiction.


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