Killing Floor Double Feature developed by Tripwire Interactive is now available on PlayStation 4. I will be covering both games separately starting with Killing Floor Incursion on the PlayStation VR.

Killing Floor Incursion was one of the most fun experiences I have had on the PlayStation VR and here’s why. Killing Floor Incursion is a VR title that brings a selection of enemies and weapons from the Killing Floor lore and lets you explore Paris, a catacombs and a farm. Each environment adds more weapons and tougher enemies so each time you get to the next level it throws it up a bit more to stay varied rather than too samey. Playing through these levels with the freedom of PSVR made me feel like I could try and pull off some John Wick style moves. Trying to aim the duel pistols either side and pulling off slow-mo head-shots was just absolutely incredible. The moments where you get stuck in a hall way with an incoming horde of Zeds and you spray and prey hoping for the best were heart racing. Some great memories were created in Killing Floor Incursion.

While Killing Floor Incursion holds the Killing Floor name it definitely feels a lot different to a typical Killing Floor title but with VR it felt really unique. I never felt restricted through-out. You’ll face endless hordes of enemies, puzzles that you have to solve to progress and some pretty tough boss battles. I felt like I could really get creative with the selection of weapons given for example, you can cut off their limbs and use them against them. It’s a wild ride of gore, guts and fun.

The VR world created for Killing Floor Incursion is beautiful inside VR. That’s the thing with the PSVR if you see it on a flat-screen it never looks as good as it does inside the headset. Killing floor looked brilliant and I felt so immersed within the levels that were created for the game because of the incredible scale in environments especially the catacombs. In the catacombs there is a moment where you look up and you can see the bats flying around, the sun shining through an entrance that illuminates the entire area and rickety pathways that bridge the gap between point A and point B. It was amazing, it makes the VR investment worth it. The sound in the game also aids the experience furthermore by giving the enemies some blood curdling screams, music that helps make the situation more heart pumping and the guns sound realistic enough to make you feel like you’re firing one at zombies.


Killing Floor Incursion has been a joy to play, I really enjoyed it. While I wish it had been longer and the hold out mode more fleshed out, I felt that the story-mode is where the game shines brightest. If you have PSVR I can’t recommend the experience enough.


If you want to find out how Killing Floor 2 did, you can find out HERE.

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