This month I have to say is a really good month for PlayStation Plus users. The games are listed below:

Borderlands The Handsome Collection – PlayStation 4 – GearBox – Borderlands is an action RPG in which a new group of vault hunters have to put a stop to Handsome Jack’s reign to achieve peace on Pandora. Borderlands the Pre-Sequel You are Handsome Jack, an employee at a Hyperion Space Station that has to put a stop to the Lost Legion who have taken over. The games boast an insane amount of weapons at your disposal and each character has unique skills to suit your game-play style.

Sonic Mania – PlayStation 4 – SEGA – Sonic Mania throws you back to the 16 bit glory days and enhances the game with new and old remixed levels with multiple paths. Play as either Sonic, Tails or Knuckles in one of there greatest adventures yet.

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