THQ Nordic yesterday announced that Dead Island 2 is still in development which is fantastic news. If you aren’t aware of Dead Island 2, below is a trailer:

The first trailer we ever saw of Dead Island 2 was revealed at E3 2014 and people really loved what they saw. The years went on and unfortunately Yager lost the rights to develop the game further. People thought perhaps the game was dead but luckily Sumo Digital took the reigns. With no news for quite a while again people wondered if it was still alive. Fast forward to 2018 we get news that it still is in development but not much else was said. Rumours started circulating from a Yager developer that it might not even be in development by Sumo Digital anymore. Yesterday 23rd of May 2019 THQ Nordic confirmed that it’s still in development.

I’m happy it’s still in development but I wish we could get a trailer of some sort or a progress report or at least perhaps a time frame of when they expect a release. You can check out my Where Is Dead Island 2? Article HERE. The article provides a more detailed break down of what happened since the announcement in 2014.

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