Terrorarium is available now on early access via Steam and you can check it out and purchase it HERE.

Terrorarium places the player in what the developers call a “murder garden”. You are the carer of little creatures called Moogu you will need to gather them all together and help them survive to the end of the level which requires a certain amount of Moogu to pass. Along the way through the 24 in built levels you will come across different Moogu’s to get past monsters, terrain and traps each getting harder as you progress. Each level is different and provides enough different obstacles to remain both challenging and fun along the way but where Terrorarium really shines is its creativity.

Terrorarium features a maker mode in which the player can create their very own murder garden for other players to navigate. A game with creative modes always strikes well in my book because I love being given the tools to do what we want with the in game assets. Stitch Media the publishers and developers have given us over 100 assets to play around with which is a fair amount for a game that new in early access. As the game is in Early Access there are a few bugs here and there especially in create mode where some of the clicks don’t register properly but I’m sure as time progresses it will be fixed.

Overall Terrorarium shows promise to be an addictive puzzle game that could prove even more successful if put onto consoles and mobile devices at a later date. With it being in early access there is a lot of content to keep you happy until more updates. We will keep our eye on how Terrrorarium keeps progressing.

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