April Fools is here and yet again the gaming industry has taken arms and announced many fake but funny projects. Below are a few of the more noteworthy ones.

Team 17 running Worms on Teletext

Teletext is what us Brits use to switch onto the TV to find out the latest weather, news, sports results and much more. Sadly Teletext is no more but Team 17 today announced that they had plans to bring the much loved series of Worms to Teletext. You can view the full story HERE.

Capcom have announced that Racoon City’s zombie population is in decline

Capcom achieved great success with the Resident Evil 2 Remake and this new “fake” campaign shows that the zombie population in Racoon City is sadly in decline. You can view the campaign HERE.

Wired Productions to launch The Trumpinator

The team at Wired Productions love to have a good laugh especially with there previous joke title (or is it?) Brexit Simulator. This time round though they’re trying there hand at American politics, The Trumpinator. You can read about it HERE.

Ubisoft For Honor raided by Rabbids

Rabbids have raided For Honor and you can check out a Stream pasted below from Rebel Of The Undead showing off the Rabbids.

Ubisofts Rainbow Six Seige: Rainbow is Magic

The good team at Ubisoft in charge of the Rainbow Six community have added a fantastic and extremely pink looking twist on the action shooter. A lot of me wishes this was real.

There are a few of the best ones I found this morning and I honestly wish they were true.

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