It has been reported this morning that Anthem’s physical sales are down by quite a bit on Mass Effect Andromeda’s performance. No word on the digital sales as yet but as quoted by EuroGamer:

“We’re talking boxed sales here – which will have dipped over time in favour of a growing number of people downloading their games digitally. But it seems near impossible Anthem made up that sales gap with Andromeda.”

In recent weeks I have been quite critical of EA’s business practices until Apex Legends came out and I thought, “huh maybe they’ve learnt after all” then EA release more and more details about Anthem which takes my opinion right back to, “EA need to go or change”.

February 22nd is when Anthem fully released to everybody and sadly for the developers it didn’t do so well. The Metacritic can be viewed below:

I do feel for Bioware, the once great story-tellers of the gaming universe reduced to designing more games that are live services and releasing empty shells and just drip feeding content over a number of months. It isn’t right what is happening over at EA, it’s all about profit, shareholders and greed rather than thinking about what the players want. Sadly the only ones who are going to come off bad in this are Bioware and spending 6 years on a video game and having it reviewed like this must be quite heartbreaking. I feel that Bioware needs to leave and perhaps even become independent to take back there the title of great story-tellers.

What are your opinions on the recent Anthem release?

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