Respawn Entertainment and EA recently released the hit Battle Royale game, Apex Legends. Unfortunately for the Titanfall fans, they learnt that originally this was going to be Titanfall 3 but development diverted and changed it into what you now know as Apex Legends. Fret not though my fellow Titanfall fans, Respawn Entertainment have reassured us that we will indeed get a new Titanfall game this year but not much is known about it other than the reassurance that we will get something. Below you can view a post that sparked this news earlier today.

While the new game won’t be Titanfall 3 who knows what the next Titanfall title could be? Titanfall 2 added so much to the multiplayer shooter genre in my opinion, the many different ways you could play was fantastic. Whether you prefer using the Titans, wall running around taking people out from above or using heavy weapons to take the Titans down, there was something for everyone. I do really hope that the next Titanfall game reflects the fun of Titanfall 2.

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