SOEDESCO teams up with studio Aurum to work on the upcoming indie title called Monster Crown to Steam. In Monster Crown, players will catch and tame all sorts of monsters and even breed new species with their captures. Breeding and fusing monsters will create brand new species that the player can name themselves. A trailer features below:

Crown Island once ruled by sadistic and monstrous King’s for 20 years is now at peace thanks to the locals teaming up and overthrowing the evil Kings. Unfortunately, a mysterious woman threatens to bring back the evil Kings and restore them to their throne bringing the finally peaceful islands to there bitter end. To prevent this, the player must gather a team of monster companions and stop the threat once and for all.


– Unravel a deep and dark story about a choice with grave consequences

– Venture online to battle against others, trade and show off your monsters

– Collect 200+ kinds of unique monsters and use them to breed new species

– Discover a sprawling, wild world in which monsters roam around freely

Does Monster Crown look like a game you’d enjoy? If so you can check out the Steam Page HERE.

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