The self-proclaimed sane authors from the not so sane game Face Candy have revealed Face Word that is coming to the iOS Appstore February 7th 2019. You can view the trailer below:

Face Word is a unique word game that uses the face mapping ARKit to let you control the game with just your face. Players will have to hook the letter candies with there noses and stick their tongues out to reach for the letters and consume them. Sounds pretty insane right?

Three different game modes will be available at launch. Normal, players must spell random words that appear on your face as fast as you can with the speed picking up as you go. Relaxed, like normal but the game doesn’t speed up and lastly freestyle which lets you create any words in the games dictionary, the longer the word, the more the points. A word from Aaron Fothergill, Lead Coder/Game Designer of Face Word and the company Strange Flavour says:

“Adam and I are still exploring what we can do with the True Depth camera technology, but we’re having fun with the results we’re getting so far. Apart from the fun and novelty of being able to control an app’s menus by pointing your head at a button and sticking your tongue out, we think it may have some potential for accessibility as it opens mobile gaming up to players who don’t have the ability to control a game with their hands.”

Face Word is free and will launch on February 7th 2019 on the iOS Appstore.

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