In today’s news Microsoft have announced there plans to bring Xbox Live cross-platform to the Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Xbox Live cross-platform play brings gamers closer together by letting developers integrate friend lists from one console or mobile device to another, adding multiplayer functionality in cross-play enabled games and moving achievements over as-well. Not only this Microsoft are working hard on bringing xCloud game streaming service that will allow gamers to stream Xbox games to the PC, other games consoles and mobile devices in late 2019.

The Xbox Games Pass has proved a hit in recent years with such titles as Sea of Thieves, GRIP Combat Racing, and so much more. Allowing players to pay a small fee to play some of the best games that the Xbox has to offer. People are calling it the Netflix of video games and Microsoft plans on expanding the service later this year. More details will be unveiled March 18th at the Game Developers Conference.

Source: The Verge

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