Hyper Games are proud to announce that their new title Eggggg will release January 31st on the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Eggggg is a two-touch platform game that is basically based on Vomit. Gilbert sadly has an egg allergy and every time he eats eggs he vomits. Gilbert, unfortunately, seems to have no luck and is stuck at his mean aunt Doris’s house. Feeling fed up starts trying to plan his escape to get to a birthday party. Getting to the party won’t be easy for Gilbert though as he must use his vomiting super-power to survive a world full of cyborg chickens. Below is a list of features from the developer:

– A fun and playful game for young and old

– 21 crazy levels of vomiting action

– Smooth game controls – tailored for touch devices

– Included sticker pack for iMessage on iOS 10

– Eggg, Egggg, Eggggg and Egggggg

– Awesome and unique visual style by the Spanish illustrators Brosmind

You can also check out the trailer below:

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