Strange Telephone developed by HZ3 Software is proud to announce their indie title is now available on Playism and Steam. A trailer features below:

Strange Telephone is a multi-ending 2D adventure game that will have the player exploring a strange pixel world generated by a 6-digit phone number. You are Jill, trapped in a dark world with a large onymous door peering over. The only saving grace is your aid called Graham who has taken the form of a telephone. Each number dialled will create varied worlds in which you can explore. The only way out is to explore these worlds and look for the key to escape this strange world. A word from the developer features below:

“This is a 2D adventure game in which the main characters – Jill and Graham – must escape from the world in which they’ve been trapped. I feel that it turned out to be a very unique and original game, featuring all the trappings of a classic indie title: the pixel art graphics, animation, music, and more.

This is sort of a “behind the scenes” anecdote, but the game was designed and built upon the foundation of a “hidden story” which isn’t directly explained. All of the eleven various ending movies, characters, object designs, etc. were meticulously put together in such a way as to contain parts of the “riddles” used in unravelling this hidden story.

I feel that if you can manage to read between the lines and figure some of this stuff out, then the world of Strange Telephone can be enjoyed on an even deeper level, so as the developer I really hope that players keep their eyes and ears open as the play through the game and see what they can find.”

What do you think of the title? I think it looks quite interesting, especially the concept of creating new worlds with the dial of a phone number. What do you think?

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