Developers Digital Piledriver Studios have released a brand new trailer to announce their upcoming 2D hand-drawn action game, Forgebeast!

Players take on the role of Mosh, a Chosen Blacksmith on a quest to save her daughter. Mosh will journey to the centre of the earth joined by her companions called Forgebeasts who lend their power to her by transforming into weapons.

Players will have to make decisions on how to bond with their companions which then grants extra stats, power and abilities. Forgebeasts hosts a beautifully hand-drawn world full of memorable characters and a variety of collectables for all those avid collectors and develop lasting bonds with their Forgebeasts as they crush their heavy metal foes on the way to the core.

If you want to learn more you can check their website out HERE! Developers Digital Piledriver is also launching a Kickstarter in a few weeks to turn Forgebeast into a fully-fledged game! You can check out the campaign HERE!

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