Newly released Metal: Hellsinger was a hit with critics and gamers alike, Developed by The Outsiders and published by Funcom the game boasted of a host of metal legends in its soundtrack.

Rise through the depths of hell in this FPS, slaying demons to the beat of the metal soundtrack and now create your own music.

Today Funcom and The outsiders are proud to announce they are allowing players to create their own music for the game on PC.

Modding brings immense potential, and music in Metal: Hellsinger goes beyond affecting the mood and feel of the game, being firmly plugged into the gameplay and entire experience. With the modding tool, players can layer their music and make it react to the player’s performance. 

With modding integration, Funcom and The Outsiders are confident that players will enjoy a rich source of diverse content to rhythmically tear demons apart for a long time to come.

The trailer above shows a glimpse of what you can achieve via the modding if you fancy adding a bit of jazz to your step. I personally would have demonstrated Noisestorm’s crab rave but that’s just me.

The modding tool is available right now and a handy step-by-step video and image guides are available on the Metal: Hellsinger website here to help you on your way. Steam players can access the mods through the steam workshop.

Metal: Hellsinger is available now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox X|S.

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