Cyberpunk 2077 developed by CD Projekt Red was set to be one of the biggest RPG’s of our time, it was hyped, it looked and sounded brilliant, a deep RPG set in the location of fictional Night City where every decision you made rippled through the game, the ads promised, be who you want to be in Night City. Conference after conference the game looked even more promising, it had been said to have a very deep level of exploration, no part of the city was left untouched, the people of the city lived daily lives that you could follow, this world was your playground. After a few letdowns being released and being one who hyped a couple of games up that I probably shouldn’t have, I remained cautious of Cyberpunk 2077 but pre-ordered it on PlayStation 4 in hopes my doubts were wrong.

Release day was here, brilliant, I can’t wait to see what Night City holds, I thought that CD Projekt Red saying use our video footage from reviews was a bad sign but also thought, most games tend to release buggy at the moment, I mean The Witcher 3 while great, it was released very buggy. Nothing to worry about, let’s get the disk in and installed…. My disk never worked, had to return it sadly, so instead, I opted to go for the PC version, I didn’t know if my PC would run it very well but I wanted to check this out and had heard the PC version faired better. Oh dear, the game barely worked, the most bizarre bugs, from cars exploding, people disappearing, falling through maps, mission bugs, audio issues, graphical issues, the list was endless. Now, people who know me know I love a good glitch or bug, it can provide some hilarious issues, Cyberpunk 2077 sadly just was silly, it was a broken mess. A few people kept saying and CD Projekt Red that fixes will come, and while I thought yeah they will, I always felt that it wasn’t always the problem, this game is an empty lifeless shell of what was promised, how do you fix that issue?

We were promised explorable buildings, micro societies in these places, a living, breathing Night City we could interact with on very deep levels. Lies, everything that was told was just lies and I think in the games industry that lies seem to be told so often by higherups and it’s the poor developers who have to pay the price with crunch culture, they receive a lot of blame, toxic gamers direct horrific hatred there way and in the end their CV’s are under the shadow of these games that are just complete cons, one of the leads of CD Projekt Red in-fact threw the Q n A team under the bus with more lies, rather than just being honest and saying, you know what, we had a vision, it went too far, we couldn’t do it, or admit that we needed more time, sadly though the toxic side of the gaming community would act horrifically to each delay and I’m sure the shareholders with their already fat wallets, were wondering when more money would be inserted into their absolute obscene wealth. The developers most likely had an amazing vision, sadly they didn’t get to deliver it and I don’t think they ever will get to. CD Projekt Red announced Cyberpunk 2077 is now in a “stable state” I just had a go on the PC after this article and it still feels the same, fewer bugs, but still an absolute empty shell with no deep RPG elements at all and still some really strange design choices that even games back in the Ps2 era could beat.

No matter the company saying we’ll get it sorted, don’t worry, the whole thoughts are, we’ll get the game “fixed” and I keep thinking, it wasn’t the bugs that made Cyberpunk 2077 such a bitter disappointment, it’s the lack of promised features that really without rebuilding a lot of the technology I can’t see appearing in later patches. There are some wonderful things in the game, the city on the outside looks fantastic and feels great, but you play it with the thought at the back of your head that well this isn’t what was promised at all. It is such a shame as CD Projekt Red had delivered The Witcher series which was fantastic. I hope to see Cyberpunk 2077 eventually reach its goal but I think they’ll ditch it before they add all the promised features, and that’s truly sad because the potential to expand on Cyberpunks world is still there, I’d love to see more but also love to see them learn from there mistakes.

To the gamers that send hatred towards developers and games companies, stop, it doesn’t help, all you’re hurting is the people that put a ton of hard work and life into these projects. Hatred won’t work, we have to calmly express our feelings constructively or speak with your wallet and simply don’t invest, but please, the flame wars have to stop.

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