Two months into Guild Wars 2 and playing with my partner and a few friends I’ve seen a lot, from the PVE content, DLC, World V World, PVP and more and it still feels like there is so much more to discover which is great. Guild Wars 2 feels endless and I’m here to see and experience it all. At first, I wasn’t interested after the Guild Wars 1, the first game had a special place in my heart and the 2nd changed it quite a bit, but fast forward after my brother from another mother Gaz convincing me to give it a try it became the best MMORPG I’ve ever played, since starting it’s honestly been difficult trying to get myself to go onto something else.

Guild Wars 2 is currently on PC and it’s free to play, all you have to do is go HERE to the Guild Wars 2 official website and start an account and download the free client and you’ll be good to go. Unlike a lot of MMO’s Guild Wars, 2 has barely any restrictions so it’s great for people to see if they want to invest in it or not continuing forward. Once you’ve decided and hopefully you’ll choose to take the plunge into the gorgeous world of Tyria you’ll be met with all sorts of bonuses for upgrading to a full account or purchasing the DLC which will also upgrade your account. 

In the past MMO’s always tend to get old with me fast, I’ll get to level 20 or 40 and suddenly the same old fetch quests, kill quests just seem to kill the experience for me, World of Warcraft was one I could never get into. Guild Wars 2’s simplicity in its combat and systems when you first start feels like each milestone you hit unlocks more and also teaches you at a decent pace, you won’t be bombarded with everything at once, just spoon-fed bits of information as you go. I liked this a lot, nothing worse than jumping into a huge game and not knowing what to do. It also helps that the Guild Wars 2 community in our experience is one of the loveliest communities I’ve ever had the pleasure to spend time with, I’m not kidding, everyone is willing to help all the time, whether you’ve died, need advice, need to look for something, they’re lovely. Not often do I see an MMO with such a friendly community, sadly in WoW, I didn’t get the same experiences. As you level up you’ll learn about certain features like constructing builds, story quests, how to complete the maps, gear, crafting and so much more. At first, when you look at the menu’s it can feel daunting but once experimented with, you’ll soon find that everything is really easy and streamlined and there are so many guides out there to find the build that suits you best. As mentioned earlier, in other MMO’s there is a lot of go here, go there, do this, do that, and in Guild Wars 2 I felt that how the quests worked was interesting. Go onto the map, find a quest giver who has a heart icon above, look at the tasks which range from water the plants, destroy a Skiritt layer, try this alcohol and don’t fall victim to the negative effects, there is so much variation in these quirky little missions and all you have to do is perform enough of what is asked until the meter is full and you get money, karma and XP. I love this system, it provides a much better way to tackle the world and felt that I could just coast through it when I wanted to and leave it if I wanted to go do something else and return later. I also didn’t get a quest log that was bogged up by endless chores.

In my experience I mostly spend time in PVE, I love it, each map is so amazingly detailed and different from the last and also full of really interesting lore. Sadly I’m a little impatient sometimes and when a game has a way to much to learn in little time I get a little bored and skip everything, Guild Wars 2 felt like it was all optional, you could follow it if you wanted, if you do want to, it doesn’t do it in lengthy text boxes, it displays it well and gets to the point. It ended up being a game that was so full of interesting lore I found myself asking my friend who had played for four years more information on what has happened since the first game here or there and got hooked into it. I’m not ashamed to say sometimes I just like a simple game that I don’t have to go into huge amounts of details just to understand it, Guild Wars 2 just has this way of delivering it in a way that you understand and it’s entertaining something I loved about the first game. I have to say the Path of Fire story-mode was gripping and the final boss Balathazarr was a tough challenge but it left me wanting so much more, which is great because Living World the transforming story-lines exist and I will talk about that more when I grab it.

Are the expansions worth it after the base game? Yes, if you buy Path of Fire, you get Heart of Thorns for free, both add gliders, mounts, mastery points, new elite skills, maps, new engaging story-lines and so much more. I don’t regret buying these at all, now, Heart of Thorns is damn hard yes but so rewarding once you manage to master it, the maps are stunningly built and just changes it up a little bit is more of a vertical map in which you’ll have to use newly mastered skills to traverse it all. I found the story-line to be addictive though I don’t recommend trying to solo this one, it can be done but with friends, it will be just a little bit easier. The gliding skill is well worth the investment into the game if it isn’t your cup of tea but honestly while at first I was completely daunted by this, it became an area I loved exploring. Path of Fire was my favourite and added mounts to the game, though these mounts aren’t simply just to get you from point a to b, each mount has a purpose, the Raptor can canyon jump which is so handy when you just wanna skip enemy confrontations and find a location with no fuss, Skipper that can jump high to get to those hard to reach places and make vistas a ton easier, skimmers that can glide and hover over certain obstacles and water, the jackal that teleports and the Griffin that can fly around the map. Living World also allows access to other mounts as-well that I haven’t been able to get yet.

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