Planet Zoo Australia Pack is now available on Steam.

Every few months after a major Planet Zoo binge I end up coming back for more, this time I came back for the recently released Australia Pack. It was time for a new franchise zoo to open so I thought this time I’d do some themed zones, Australia zone, Arctic Zone and well, that’s as far as I got, I’d been working so hard to keep my money going so I could adopt the newest animals in the DLC, which are the Koala, Red Kangaroo, Southern Cassowary, Dingo and the Blue Tongued Lizard. Each animal is represented to perfection, the Kangaroo will scoop up the Joey and put them in her pouch, the Koala will keep a close eye on the young ones at all times, and Dingoes will act as they do in reality. It was wonderful seeing all these animals brought to life with such in-depth systems that are in Planet Zoo. I had to say my favourite to build for was the Koalas because with all the new items you get you can truly recreate its natural environment. While some may think it isn’t enough animals you have to think the work that goes into making them all act natural, I’ve always been happy with these DLC releases and I don’t think £7.99 is to bad for everything you can end up doing along the way. I do hope down the line we receive bigger expansions but what Frontier is doing with adding different country themes is quite great.

The Australia Pack adds over 230 new scenery pieces to capture the true feeling of being in Australia, I can only imagine players have created some incredible things with this. I used a few pieces for my zoo and it’s great being able to create new themed areas that fit in with your new animals. Also added for those who seek a challenge is the new Tanami Roadside Zoo. This zoo is one that you must build the animals and guests happiness levels, you’ll also have to adopt certain animals, turn your shops into profiting money makers and more. I thought having a challenge map is great because on creative I always feel that it lacks a challenge due to everything being given to you, don’t get me wrong, creative is a ton of fun but for the lovers of a challenge, Australia Pack delivers. Workshop folks will be pleased to know that all of the items added in this pack are being put into the workshop for them to go mad with creative ideas.


I’ve loved Planet Zoo since it was released, to see it grow like this is brilliant, not only do you have the DLC packs adding new animals and scenery items each time but you also get free updates in-between that to change the game-play up and enhance the experience. Every-time I go back it feels like a better game. I can’t wait to see what comes along down the line, I truly hope one day we get a large expansion that lets you add aquariums, I’ve always loved sea life and I think the team at Frontier could pull it off.


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