End Zone A World Apart developed by Gently Mad Studios and published by Assembly Entertainment is now available on PC on Steam in Early Access.

End Zone A World Apart is an apocalyptic city building game with a blend of survival and strategy. Players must build a functioning society after a global disaster on a huge scale. Through-out the game survivors will encounter toxic storms, sandstorms, drought, radiation and as more updates surface, more challenges will arrive. End Zone A World Apart is a game I want to keep my eye on, already there is quite a lot of content there and many challenges to keep you entertained. Survivors will need to gather materials, refine them into tools, gear and more to make it to the next day. Survivors will have to gather clean water, hunt for food, start farming and fishing for the community to thrive. It feels like a simple but great premise, with updates I can only imagine we’ll have to manage many more different aspects.

With a few months in early access EndZone already has quite a lot of content to keep you occupied for quite a while. The premise seems quite basic but as you go on you’ll learn more of the systems in the easy to follow tutorial which teaches you how the UI works, the controls, and how the game functions. Soon you’ll be specialising skills in certain areas to achieve maximum happiness for your survivors. I found the World quite expansive and enjoyable to explore, a lot of detail has gone into it to make it feel like it is the end of the World and the options the developers are giving you lets you get immersed in that feeling of, what will happen next? How will the apocalypse play out? If anyone knows me they know I love the end of the world games and I felt this one was really up there due to the directions taken and how a city builder can be made quite addictive in the scenario they’ve set. With so much more to come and a road map that seems to meet expectations and be released on schedule, I am excited to see how this turns out.

The graphic and audio design perfectly captures the end of the world, from streets full of rotted cars and houses were torn apart, forests with scrap littered around and animals scavenging for food, the overall design is perfect in what it’s trying to achieve. A feeling at first of lost hope and not much of an outlook in the future, more of a, will I make it to the next day feel. As time progresses and your settlement grows you see a new beauty in its design and see the villagers come together to build a wonderful new community that then immerses you in a feeling of hope, future sight and more. Audio-wise the music fits in with it all providing entertainment when keeping busy with all the survival management and I can’t wait to see how it all evolves in time.

I cannot wait to see how far End Zone World Apart goes, at the moment it’s quite satisfying, things I’d love to see in the future is combat perhaps with bandits or even a scenario with the undead rising. I enjoyed my time with EndZone A World Apart and I think if you like city builders but want to see what it’s like to try and build one at the end of the world, you should give it a try.

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