Super Hot MIND CONTROL DELETE is now available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and was developed by SUPERHOT Team.

Super Hot MIND CONTROL DELETE thrusts you back into the craziness of the first title but rather than expanding on the story, this time it relies on improving gameplay over everything else and that is very welcomed. For those who don’t know, Super Hot is an FPS and when the player moves time advances so you must use strategy to take out the enemy and avoid any attacks to succeed. What I find most satisfying is after each level it replays the level in a normal motion video and you genuinely feel like John Wick himself.

For players looking for a continued story from the last game, unfortunately, there isn’t one really but it feels great either way, while the first story was engaging I think the gameplay expansions with adding hacks, different weapons and so many ways to take down the enemy more than makes up for it. Players will choose nodes and some of these nodes will be challenges to unlock new power-ups and challenges and then other nodes will throw you into a bunch of levels but each level will feel different every time. Sometimes you’ll end up getting the same level more than once but the developers managed to make it all different enough to feel new. Super Hots gameplay has always felt unique to me and this time they’ve upped the anty with challenges such as only being able to shoot certain places in an enemy to defeat them which keeps it fresh through-out and some of the modifications can be fun to mess around with. This is a game where experimentation pays off, except when you’re stuck behind a bar so you throw every bottle at the enemy and end up getting nowhere but hey, the final show at the end seeing me do it in fast motion was pretty hilarious.

While some may question the art design I can tell you from the experience of seeing the first game and VR title the design works for the game and is wonderful. I love the way it all works and blends seamlessly. Getting stuck in the action is so much fun and it looks just as good as well. The sound design is also on point, though perhaps this title due to its random nature of pitting you into endless levels it could have used some soundtracks. There is a level in a disco with a metal track and it just really pumped me up to get even more creative. I’ve always loved the design, it’s easy to judge by screenshots and reviews but once you’re actually in it it makes complete sense.


If you love Super Hot you’ll love this, it’s more of the first game but the game-play has been turned more into an rouge lite title. If you’re new to the series and looking to just have some good old fun and feel like an action movie star then I recommend you give this a try. MIND CONTROL DELETE is fantastic and I really enjoyed my time with it, I rarely ran into any bugs and even though the story wasn’t there, everything else made up for it.


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