Endzone – A World Apart is currently available on Steam Early Access and is developed by Assemble Entertainment.

Endzone – A World Apart is today receiving an update to add more radiation type content to it’s already growing city builder. Two new buildings have been introduced, The Decontamination Post and Mine, the post will quickly help survivors decontaminate and also purge food of the dangerous stuff so that your new world will be healthy. The Mine also introduces such additions as coal and iodine. The iodine can be processed into tablets at medical facilities and when given to your settlers it will help free there body of radiation and prevent poisoning later on.

The update will also add new side missions, expeditions, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese language and an updated save-game system with general bug fixes and game-balancing optimisations.

Developed by Gentlymad Studios and published by Assemble Entertainment, Endzone – A World Apart is currently available in Early Access on Steam. As an added bonus, Assemble Entertainment has teamed up with the charitable organization One Tree Planted to plant a tree in fire-ravaged Australia for each player that purchases the Save the World Edition bundle. Not only that, players that buy the Save the World bundle will also receive a free copy of the game’s stellar soundtrack! 

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