Jagex is proud to announce a new update that takes players to the gates of the vampyric city of Darkmeyer. The quest named Sins of the Father will provide a long-running storyline that sees freedom fighters, and the Myreque attempt to free the dark swamplands of Morytania from the evil grasp of feared vampyre leader Lord Drakan.

Once players have completed the quest it will open up the previously inaccessible city of Darkmeyer with new shops, amenities, enemies and skilling methods.

Mike Donatelli, Product Director of Old School RuneScape, said:

“The Myreque is a dramatic storyline and one which is close to many players’ hearts. It is one of the oldest and longest quest series in game, and players have enjoyed unravelling the history of the vampyres and the elusive Lord Drakan. As always, we have collaborated closely with the Old School RuneScape community throughout the development of Darkmeyer, with an emphatic vote of ~90% of 55,000+ polled players backing the quest.”

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