Developer Glitchers based in London, who are also responsible for the BAFTA nominated Sea Hero Quest VR is excited to announce its next game the delivery battler game Drive-Buy that has been inspired by arcade greats and part games from the past. The game will release in July 2020 You can view the trailer below:

Players will be able to battle each other between the PC and Nintendo Switch with cross-play and fight each other in the game that has been inspired by such titles as Twisted Metal, Crazy Taxi and more. Below is a list of features.

  • 4 Player Online 
  • Seamless AI Play designed to auto fill the roster during play
  • 3 game modes – 
  • Delivery Battle – be the first to make your drop offs & rack up the highest score
  •  PayDay – Hold onto the most coins on the map whilst dodging power ups left, right & centre
  • Piggy Bank – the longer you hold the pig, the more points you score. But everyone wants it, so stay away from rival drivers
  • 6 Characters & Vehicles
  • Unlockable Cosmetic Items for every character

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