Down The Rabbit Hole PSVR was developed and published by Cortopia Studios and is now available on PC VR systems and PSVR.

Do you think Alice was the only one who managed to find Wonderland? Not in Down The Rabbit Hole. Players will take on the role of a girl who has lost her pet called Patches, on this journey you’ll run into puzzles, interesting characters from the Alice in Wonderland world, face many twists and turns and you’ll shape your own story. While the game did feel quite short it is amazing what they managed to pull off in such a short time, the characters were voiced really well, they had fleshed out conversation choices and each quest felt unique and fun to take on in this little VR title.

My first encounter with this title was a Facebook ad, it looked pretty good but nothing really that unique, it looked fun but I was wrong with that assumption. As soon as I booted up the PSVR and got in I was greeted by a wonderful and the only way I could really describe it at the time was being a little kid again looking in my toy castle with soldiers, but this time in this game, the backgrounds, the toys, the castle, it was all alive. The VR headset makes you feel like a child looking down on their toys yet these toys were fully interactive via conversations and animation. The way VR works in this game is truly unique and so immersive I was wowing the whole time. The YouTube trailers don’t do it justice, it is truly wonderful. Each of the puzzles you’ll face is unique and different and ones that the whole family can get involved in, they aren’t too difficult but they aren’t overly simple, they’re fun and it takes time to work stuff out which is great. The adventuring around each little set-piece is exciting and every-time I find something new it excites me because so much detail has gone into the design of this title.

The art style fits the title perfectly, each little room as mentioned before is full of detail and things to interact with and little nooks and crannies to get your head around. I just can’t get over the fact of feeling like your a giant head getting little peaks into tiny windows where little fictional characters from Alice in Wonderland roam. The audio fits the settings and themes as-well with each character being voiced wonderfully and the environmental sounds. The art and sound design really aid that magical feeling I had throughout my playthrough.


While Down The Rabbit Hole is only around 3 hours long, more if you want to collect everything and experience it all, I had a wonderful time that has left me wanting more from the developers. It was an exciting experience full of surprises, twists and tales, with a good story, great design and a title that doesn’t fail to wow you, I can’t recommend this enough if you have VR.


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