SnowRunner has just been released by Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive and has already received a ton of mod content by the community using You can check out the trailer below:

For now modders are able to enhance the games driving mechanics, physics, vehicles and more, as time goes on more will be available for modding, check out the statement below from the developers.

“Modding will continue to expand in the future. Free updates to the tools available will allow for map, mission, and interior modding coming with the first phase of the Season Pass. Plus, we’ll be launching and supporting mods on consoles in the future, allowing players on every platform to enrich their experience however they like.

SnowRunner is the premiere off-road trucking simulation game. The Season Pass is also available to purchase now, promising a full year of content updates with new vehicles, new maps, new missions, and much, much more.”

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