Planet Zoo is getting another DLC courtesy of Frontier, this time it will take players to South America. A trailer features below:

Planet Zoo: South America Pack invites players to escape to the lush tropics and craft their own jungle paradise with five iconic new animals, and over 250 new building, scenery, and foliage pieces to choose from. It offers players the chance to build the jungle trek of their dreams, recreating impressive lost civilisation architecture, using bamboo and thatched pieces to create wonderful structures, or letting nature playfully take over by utilising the extensive new selection of foliage.”

“Alongside the PDLC, Frontier will also be launching a raft of new features and content for existing players as part of the latest free content update. This update will include a new Genealogy tab to enable players to trace the family tree of their animals, additional difficulty settings, research sharing across all franchise zoos, new foliage and enrichment items, and a range of fixes and improvements.”

Players will get to experience the new beautiful Jaguar, Capuchin Monkey, Giant Anteater, Red-Eyed Tree Frog and the best one in this DLC, Llama’s!

I often wonder if Planet Zoo’s animal roster will end up as big as Zoo Tycoon 2’s after all the expansions released. I love that the game is adding more and more animals as it goes along, £7.99 doesn’t feel like a bad price either for what you get in it as we have received some pretty cool animals in the previous arctic pack.

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