Arizona Sunshine The Damned DLC is available now on PlayStation VR and PC VR systems and was developed by Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive.

The original Arizona Sunshine was a hit with VR users, what better than living out your own apocalypse and having the freedom to wreak havoc with the oncoming zombie hordes? The Damned DLC adds more to the original adventure by adding a very high octane mission in which you become US Special Forces who are given the mission to reactivate the generators in the hydro electric damn in Arizona. Obviously things don’t quite go to plan. First off you end up on your own after your squad mates die in a tunnel near the damn and that first mission is nuts to say the least. The large amount of zombies come at you and you must take each one out one by one, it is chaos but definitely gives you that feeling of urgency to survive. As the game goes on many things pop up which seem to be trying to stop you in completing the original mission and it was quite an exciting ride.

At only £4.99 you really do get a brilliant 2 hour experience full of weapons to chose from, areas to traverse and more. While nothing huge is added from the original, it never felt like it needed huge additions. The original was a brilliant game that divided each section with action, story and interesting moments where you could mess with items in the environment if that is your kind of thing and The Damned DLC just expands on that by giving us another taste of the world that they have created. Fighting in the new locations as-well is fun and I enjoyed getting to chose different ways to get around though I did get lost a little bit sometimes. Each segment has different obstacles to take on whether it’s a wide open area with zombies coming from each angle or tight spaces in which you have to mow them down or get eaten. The controls are the same, it handles the same which is great and co-op is back with a bang if you want to play with friends.


As DLC goes, The Damned got it spot on, a very reasonable price, a decent length campaign, new places to explore and a new story. If you want more from your Arizona Sunshine experience I highly suggest this DLC.


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