Untitled Goose Game developed by House House is now available on the PC and Nintendo Switch.

The moment that Untitled Goose Game was revealed I knew that I wanted it, who doesn’t want to be a troublesome goose and cause havoc over the countryside? You are a goose, a goose on a mission, you must complete a list of objectives to keep progressing through the game. The objectives are stealth/puzzle based and require you to do such things as, switch a young boys classes out for new ones, or sell his own plane back to him by dropping his plane into a shop. Other challenges consist of putting a groundskeepers rake in a lake which is harder than you think and stealing his hat. All these little challenges have often hilarious results. Untitled Goose Game felt a bit like a Hitman game except the targets are to cause completely mayhem in the quiet little town.

Untitled Goose Game’s controls consist of a honk button, grab, duck and wing flapping. By combining them to pull of your objective it can often yield hilarious results, for example the child in the above image is scared of you, so chasing him with your wings out and honking is what is needed to get his glasses off him. The game has a lot of interactive items whether it be putting a bottle on your beak and making weird sounding honks or placing a walky talky by an unsuspecting human and making them get the fright of there life, there is so much to do and so much to mess around with. The puzzles are pretty simple with one or two per level being a bit more of a challenge but the walking around and figuring it out is the fun part.

The game looks brilliant, it fits in with the style the game is going for, I felt like I was in an old British country side and I felt it captured every little element of that in its design. It’s the same with the sound design, the piano music that accompanies it while your being chased or you’re busy trying to take food from a gardener for your own personal picnic, there seems to be lovely little tunes for every moment and who can forget the quality of the honk, that is some A grade honking.


Untitled Goose Game is a fun and cheap little game that if you own a Switch or a PC I recommend you give a go. The only downside I can honestly say is that it wasn’t even longer, because Untitled Goose Game is one hell of a good time.


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