The Surge 2 developed by Deck13 and published by Focus Home Interactive is now available for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

The first Surge game came as quite a surprise, almost out of no where, it wasn’t heavily advertised as other games but none the less it looked pretty good. The first game was a slight mix of challenging gameplay and other action games with RPG elements. I first reviewed The Surge on another website and I seriously fell in love with the game, the futuristic almost amazon warehouse type setting where infact it was actually CREO, a company in-charge of most technology on the market and had quite a hold over the world. In The Surge 1 and 2’s Universe, human resources are stretched thinly and the world relies on tech to survive from power suits, robots and other means.

The Surge 2 offers a whole new way to play in a much bigger and better setting. Players start out on Jericho a city full of gang run streets, drug fuelled cults and just a lot of griminess, I think we all know a city like that. In the city a nano disease has hit and most of the population have lost their minds and are now out to kill anyone who isn’t affected by it. The story while interesting felt that it didn’t really rear its head to much in the game but that’s okay. Deck13 this time want a more open title where you can make choices, you can really control how your experience plays so the narrative being drip fed is perfect for this title. I truly did feel a sense of freedom throughout my play-through. The world is really brought alive by the goings on around you, and the audio logs also offer a more in-depth look at how the disease panned out during the two months your character was in a coma from a plane crash. It truly felt like an apocalypse was happening where factions had already taken control and used the situation to their benefit.

The Surge 2 keeps everything from the first game but expands on it so much more including the targeting limbs mechanic which is just so much fun. The combat system is enhanced to give you more control and a host of new weapon styles opens it up even further. A new AI system where the AI will group up and use tactics to ultimately keep you on your toes and always coming up with new ideas on how to beat the next challenge. Again Deck13 wanted a much more choice driven experience and that’s exactly what they’ve given. I experimented at first with many of the offered weapons, armour and implants that each provide different perks, styles of game-play and more. I found most useful to me was a heavily armoured character with a scythe but unfortunately my choices made my power consumption quite high so I had to take quite a lot of my implants out but it worked. With the armour I felt that I could take on challenges a little easier as I won’t lie, I do sometimes struggle with games like Dark Souls and this but in the end it truly gives me a sense of achievement when I have gotten past a part I’ve been stuck on for a while. The Surge 2 definitely offers a challenge that isn’t for the faint of heart. I felt like Deck13 provided many ways that the player really has to engage with its many different forms of defence and offence in a way that you have no hand holding at all, you truly have to figure it all out on your own. That isn’t to say Deck13 has just thrown you in the deep end, there are many hints, shortcuts and player assistance that can help you discover hidden treasures or enemies that are about to give you a heart attack from above.

I really fell in love with Jericho, it’s a gritty city from the future and the architecture, graphical design, every little alley way is so uniquely detailed I wanted to spend more and more time just observing the effort that has gone into this title. The way that Jericho isn’t just a setting as-well, you can traverse most of the environment and use it in so many ways. I had so much fun discovering little secrets here and there. With a greatly designed city comes the sounds of horror, high octane music and a bustling city corrupt with a mysterious disease. It’s truly all packed in so well together that I could have happily flown around and just observed it all and listened to it all. I truly wish this game had some VR support, that would be an experience.


The Surge 2 is a really fun game to play, from the setting all the way to the game-play improvements. I ran into only one crash during my playtime and I think as a game that I played before release running that smoothly was impressive. I truly think if you’re up to the challenge that The Surge 2 is honestly a game you should play, it’s definitely up there as one of the best releases of 2019. I often felt that The Surge should be more prominently celebrated in the industry, I have no idea if it annoys the developers about being compared to Dark Souls but I feel that Dark Souls should be compared to The Surge because I felt that Deck13’s title just does everything so much better.


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